Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sven Nys & Bart Wellens


sda said...

cross posted from my blog:

socialism? i think that word is mis-applied intentionally so i'm not going to let that go.

pure socialism doesn't work and no one is advocating for it. but for some reason it has been brought up an awful lot the last couple of days. honestly the invocation of cold war language seems to me just one more attempt by the right to prey on peoples fears. first he was a radical muslim. then he was a whitey hatin' scary black man. then he was a terrorist sympathizer with strong terrorist ties. i even saw an email that claimed he was the anti-christ. now he's gasp, a socialist - well that is just a hairs breadth away from being a red-bellied commie! we're so screwed!!!

in all reality, our Country has been benefiting from elements of "socialism" for decades - social security, subsidized health care (how many of your patients would just live with pain and poor dental health if they didn't have any insurance? think you'd see a dent in business if medicaid or medicare didn't exist?), subsidized and FREE public education, public ownership of vital infrastructure, etc. and so forth. nothing obama is proposing is radically different from the status quo, in my opinion.

colin powells too, apparently. ;)

some honest questions: why do you think he is a socialist? how do you define socialism?

Carp said...

From Wikpedia: All socialists advocate the creation of an egalitarian society, in which wealth and power are distributed more evenly, although there is considerable disagreement among socialists over how, and to what extent this could be achieved.

Obama wants to redistibute weatlh. Hence socialism. You're right though. We already have elements of socialism. Govt' programs hell I'm using an SBA loan. That's guaranteed by the govt so am I a hippocrite or what? More socialistic policies is what I should have said instead of just socialism. I wouldn't see a dent in business if medicare was eliminated because they have no dental component. Plus MD's are basically seeing Medicare for free anyway don't get me started. I see some Medicaid but it's charity I don't make any $$. Dental insurance is a private for profit venture.
I don't think Obama is a terrorist or racist or commie. I think McCain is a better choice, that's all.

Man...have you read Atlas Shrugged?

sda said...

I totally respect your opinion. Thanks for elaborating. I won't get you started on the medicaide/medicare issue but you see my point.

Not in awhile. It is on the near-read list though.

Carp said...

Dave-Thanks for being my friend even though we don't see eye to eye politically. Although I did feel you were heckling me extra for losing the shotgun to Seiler in such poor fashion soley because I leaned conservative.

sda said...

i was heckling you because you were spilling beer on yourself and your fly was down - i'd do that to anyone 'cause i got no skills and i go for the low hanging fruit of humor. it was a bonus that it was caught on film. for me at least ;).

ask jessy how much heckling he's been getting for his attempt at the 'staff master' in crested butte last summer.

one thing you can count on in this topsy turvy world is beer + shinannigans gone awry = commentary and heckling from daverill. just as its always been and just as it always will be!!