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Gym Jones Biatch

My riding buddy Luke is also a pro rock climber. He was climbing with one of his friends from Utah and the guy was just impressive and explosive. He asks the guy whats going on and where he got this crazy fitness and he says "Gym Jones" in Salt Lake. So we're doing the Gym Jones style workouts now in our gym. They will shred you in 30 mins. I don't know if it will help with cycling but it is a good way to keep fitness. Pretty fun and kind of like cross...short.


Well I did it. I won the South Dakota State Cyclocross Championship. Shouldn't I?be proud of myself. Well, in short, no. I only beat one person whom I would consider a true competitor. Sure the course was great and the race promoter put in a lot effort to make the event legit. She always puts on a nice race. It's just a little frustrating when we just don't have the numbers to show up. I guess people felt like they would rather go on their own ride or just do projects around the house. It's fine, whatever your into. Not everyone likes to race, I understand that. I love the town I live in and the little mountains that we have here. If still lived in Lincoln at least I could have gotten my butt whipped by some true competitors. Isn't it better to know you gave everything you had and maybe only got 5th than to win and feel like you've accomplished nothing. I guess I need to travel to race cross. 9 hours to Lincoln, 7 hours to Front Range...

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Man, have you seen this crap? I used to like this guy.

Gerdemann Regrets Armstrong's Comeback
Top German cyclist Linus Gerdemann, known for his staunch anti-doping stance, has criticised the return of Lance Armstrong because of the doping suspicions once surrounding the seven-time Tour de France winner. News of the 37-year-old American's return has not been universally welcomed, due mainly to a series of allegations, all unproven, that he used banned substances during his seven-year Tour reign.
Gerdemann won the first mountain stage of the 2007 Tour on his debut but missed this year's race, and the Beijing Olympics, because of a broken leg. Regarded as the rider who could help restore cycling's credibility in Germany, where doping scandal has left it on the scrapheap, the 26-year-old Tour of Germany winner says Armstrong's return will do no good for the sport.
"This is not positive for the credibility of cycling, but there's nothing anyone can do about it," said Gerdemann as he announced his switch from Team Columbia to Milram.
Gerdemann's comments come amidst a general freefall in German cycling following continued doping scandals, notably that of Stefan Schumacher and his Austrian teammate Bernhard Kohl, both star performers in this year's Tour de France for the Gerolsteiner team. In the wake of their positive tests, German television broadcasters ARD and ZDF announced they would not carry the 2009 Tour.
"For us, Armstrong is a piece of the past we don't want to see again," Rolf-Dieter Ganz, head of communications at ARD, told Die Welt newspaper in September. "The future belongs to young riders, certainly not to Armstrong's generation which we had hoped to have seen the back of."

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